Cannaxtract labs is about cannabis extraction, swiss made, and products made of Cannabis extractions. It’s a 100% natural extract, accessible to everyone. Swiss grown, with a network of Swiss producers, cannaxtract labs mainly makes CBD oils/drops and CBD vaping liquids (eliquids).


Our CBD based products are 100% Natural. The hemp used is organically produced.
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Our products make you be right here, right now! CBD has many great advantages.
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All our products are 100% legal. CBD is not a psychoactive substance.
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Excellent Products!

[Translated from French]

I was looking forward to the release of your new range of products, the design is ultra stylish and we really feel the CBD effect with the true taste of hemp, soothes and concentrated, I’m not anxious anymore and no longer have cannabis smoking needs, and helps me take calmly weaning off my addiction.

Adrien Switzerland CBD Vape Pen

my cramps and my spasms disappear in a flash

[Translated from French]

a small note to tell you this: a friend gave me a bottle of oil because I am suffering from multiple sclerosis. Frankly it is awesome! My cramps and my spasms disappear in a flash, without side effects

Michèle Switzerland CBD Oils

CBD helped me to better resist the addictive action of nicotine

[Translated from French]

In my case, it seemed to me more than the CBD helped me to better resist the addictive action of nicotine. Is it psychological? Is this due to my genetic makeup? Anyway, I smoke less cigarettes when I shoot several times a few puffs of CBD in the day. (In fact, one must have the will to smoke less and this is where you realize that does so very well, much better than usual, because I suffered shortages of nicotines violent in this case ...) Now, you say that your product does not contain nicotine. This can not be the effect of the CBD.

Jean-Louis France Vape Pen Haze

exactly what it needs

Hey guys I'm an American who moved to Switzerland (Lausanne) 3 years ago. I'm from Los Angeles and I was a heavy cannabis smoker. Moving here made it difficult to find what I needed so I quit smoking cannabis a

Arnaud your products

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