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Safety Data Sheet

On this page, you can find the safety data sheet for the products classified as chemicals, such as: CBD oils [EN] Huile CBD [FR]

specificities of shipping to the european union

For all European Union countries, it is an import on the part of the customer, since Switzerland is not in the European Union. It’s like placing an order in the United States. When ordering abroad, there is therefore a customs … Read More

Ultrasonic Extraction

Cannabis products have been consumed in various forms for thousands of years, and since Dr. O’Shaughnessy introduced cannabis and its therapeutical properties to the Western medical community many a lot has changed, but the plant remained the same. Over the past … Read More

RSO inspired (cold ethanol extraction)

Here is a description on why and how we work with ethanol as the solvent of choice for cannabis extraction. Here’s why we believe ethanol is the overall best solvent for cannabis extraction when having the goal of concentrating the … Read More

product classification (CH | Switzerland)

This page summarizes the classification of the products on sale on this website for the Swiss market, and is as such an integral part of the general terms and conditions of sale for Switzerland. Accordingly, when a sale of products … Read More

exactly what it needs

Hey guys I’m an American who moved to Switzerland (Lausanne) 3 years ago. I’m from Los Angeles and I was…

Wholesale Registration Confirmation

Thank you for your registration Your application is now under review, and will be validated shortly. in the mean time you can find below our products. This form only works in Swiss Francs (CHF). In order to pay in other … Read More

Affiliate Area

´Affiliate´ is a partnership with Cannaxtract to reference this website on a blog or another platform (website, banners, etc…). In case of remuneration, partners must be registered, official invoices must be issued for this service, and social charges paid by … Read More

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