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Alcohol Extracts vs CO2 Extracts

As CannaXtract is making Cannaliz products with an alcohol extraction process, we though usefull to publish this great post about the topic, retrieved on evolvedalchemy.com Alcohol Extracts vs CO2 Extracts There are many differences between the extracts of carbon dioxide … Read More

CBD and Drug Tests

CBD AND “ANTI-DRUG” TESTS Many people regularly taking CBD, by inhaling it or through oils, wonder if cannabidiol has an influence on drug tests, particularly following a withdrawal of driving license. When taking blood or a urine test, it is … Read More

Terpenes in Cannabis

The role of Terpenes in Cannabis: Terpenes are volatile components produced by many plants as well as by some insects. Plants that produce terpenes often have smells and flavors that we know and perceive as nice, such as aromatic herbs. … Read More


Main differences and advantages of CBD vs. THC: Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two of the main active substances in cannabis: both are cannabinoids. Many cannabis species are known to contain a high level of THC and low CBD. … Read More