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Cannaliz CBD Vape Pen Charlotte’s Web CCELL cartridge

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Cannaliz micro  CBD Vape Pen Microdosing

Microdosing through ultrasonic extraction ; the next leap forward in cannabinoid extraction techniques! As a result, this CBD Vape Pen Charlotte’s Web provides the most authentic taste through direct plant maceration. First of all, ultrasound extraction technique is based on the vibrations of living substances. Therefore it preserves the full spectrum experience for an original cannabis sativa tasting. Furthermore ultrasound assisted extraction is based on repeated high pressure and low pressure cycles. As a result the cannabis extraction is more balanced among the extracted molecules, with a strong focus on terpenes (flavors, smells, etc.). Also, other extraction methods rely on high heat and quickly destroy the sensitive molecules. In contrast, ultrasonic extraction does not rely on heat and consequently better preserves the integrity and concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.

CBD Vape Pen Charlotte’s Web

CBD Vape Pen Charlotte’s Web CCELL cartridge of 1 [ml] e-liquid made from organically produced Charlotte’s Web Cannabis ultrasonic extract. As a result, this vape pen e-liquid is very tasty and enjoyable in all occasions. But because of the particular flowery, pine and earthy flavors of this Charlotte’s Web phenotype, it tends to suit moments linked more with your thoughts. Be careful to not overheat the system, otherwise a burn smell will start to appear and the liquid will become darker and darker as a result. Therefore, for the best experience, after heating your CBD vape pen cartridge, make sure you LET THE MOUTHPIECE COOL.


»CBD: ~1% (10mg) THC: <0.05%

»ingredients: ultrasonic plant macerate (60% vegetable glycerin USP (VG), 40% vegetol(R) USP (VL)) from organic Cannabis sativa L., 0% nicotin, no added cannabinoides/terpenes

»green extraction technique

»direct plant maceration

»frequency extraction technique

»full spectrum preservation

»510 CCELL cartridge (resistance 1.25-1.55 ohm) for use with a Cannaliz CBD Vape Pen CCELL ‘Battery + Charger’


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ultrasonic plant macerate (60% USP vegetable glycerin (VG), 40% USP vegetol(R) (VL)) from organic Cannabis sativa L., 0% nicotin, no added cannabinoides/terpenes


1 [ml]


keep out of the reach of children. In case of discomfort or irritation, seek medical advice, show the label when possible. Product prohibited for sale to minors, and not recommended for pregnant women.


510 CCELL cartridge (resistance: 1.25-1.55 ohm) is for use with a Cannaliz CCELL battery (350mAh). Protect from sunlight. Store in a well-ventilated place. Keep cool. Shake before use. Send back to producer for recycling.


As it contains natural extracts, the active molecules will slowly degrade over time. Store in a dark, dry and cold place, if possible refrigerate.

Battery and Charger