An extract is one of the most popular ways people take their CBD, by vaping a dab or wax. In order to use a dab or wax, you must have a vaporizer designed to vape an extract, a dab, a wax, a concentrate or a solid.

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  • Cannaliz Dab Wax 25% CBD Tiger Eye

    Tiger Eye | Cannaliz CBD Dab Wax | 25% CBD | 1.5g (Switzerland Only)

    Tiger Eye Dab Wax 1.5 [g] with 25% CBD (cannabidiol), from organically produced hemp/cannabis sativa flower extract. This very concentrated oil is strong and powerful: it is indeed a dark pure full spectrum ethanol extract. It’s “full spectrum”, which includes the entire family of cannabinoids (like THC/A, CBD/A, CBN, CBG/A, CBC, …), terpenes, little bit of chlorophyll, fats and waxes. It can be also called Rick Simpson oil (RSO inspired) is also full-spectrum oil; which we make with ethanol. Use with a vaporizer. If the extract is too solid, heat the glass container to turn it liquid.

    »CBD 25% (250mg) THC <1%

    »comes with a UV resistant box, recyclable

    »in Switzerland, this product is announced and taxed 25% of retail price (revers#3046), as a plant based tobacco substitute. Vaporization should be encouraged over smoking

    »ships to Switzerland only

    »when available in stock usually ships within 1-2 business days; if not directly available, “Out of stock” or “Available on backorder” would appear here below:

    CHF68.00 inc. VAT/TVA/MWST