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Very powerful, and very convenient, these e-cigarettes are a growing trend. @CannaXtract, they contain very high quality hemp/cannabis sativa flower extract (from organic production). They are designed to be pure, powerful and tasty.

Usage Recommendation:
Inhale for 3 seconds, and keep the vapor for 3 seconds

Cannaliz Vape Pen, a system carefully designed for cannabis extracts:
With a capacity of about 300 puffs, these small atomizers are designed by experts for very greasy fluids, which is the case with CBD. The cartridge used as atomizer in the Cannaliz Vape Pen is specifically designed for eLiquides containing particularly dense cannabis extract. The thickness of this eLiquide is due to the many cannabinoids and terpenes it contains. The small capacity of these cartridges ensures better inhales. Similarly, the Cannaliz battery, with an amperage and voltage lower than the traditional models of e-cigs, is adapted to these special cartridges containing the extract of cannabis (280 mAh, 3.3V).

Why is it not possible to refill these cartridges?
The absorption wick and resistance used in these atomizers allow a better rendering of the active ingredients of the eLiquide (cannabinoids and terpenes) giving them a better effect and better taste. After use, the wick and the resistance have reduced capacities, which cannot anymore guarantee the quality of the absorption of the eLiquide.

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