Our technique is inspired by the famous Rick Simpson oil (RSO): it’s a cold ethanol extraction of cannabis main components

  • use of 100% organic plant material for the extract: if the Cannabis plant was grown in soil contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals, these will be present in the Rick Simpson oil extract.
  • use a high quality solvent for the RSO extraction: alcosuisse provides a certified high quality anhydrous Ethanol made from agricultural raw material. There are risks at multiple stages of the process, in particular related to explosion linked to the use of solvent.
  • filtration of the extract: we are using qualitative filters which makes the filtration process very slow but very precise
  • solvent evaporation from the oil: following to the extraction we run a purification process that lasts from 1 to 2 full days, until all Ethanol is gone.
  • batch tests: all preparation are batch tested so that each product is being sold with a lot number corresponding to a lab test.
  • proper safety and good manufacturing processes: we run our operations in professional laboratories equipped in such a way that both our staff and preparations are under strict controls and processes.

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