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Thank you for your registration Your application is now under review, and will be validated shortly. in the mean time you can find below our products. This form only works in Swiss Francs (CHF). In order to pay in other … Read More

Affiliate Area

´Affiliate´ is a partnership with Cannaxtract to reference this website on a blog or another platform (website, banners, etc…). In case of remuneration, partners must be registered, official invoices must be issued for this service, and social charges paid by … Read More

Cannaliz CBD eLiquid DIY 4% CBD
Cannaliz E-Liquid 4% CBD <0.2% THC (refill 10 [ml])

E-Liquid refill of 10 [ml] with 4% CBD (cannabidiol) and THC: <0.2%, made from organically produced hemp/cannabis sativa flower extract RSO inspired. Can be used to refill e-cigarette cartridges/atomizer.

»CBD: 4% (400mg) THC: <0.2%

»contains propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG); USP = pharmaceutical grade

»if you are in the EU, avoid additional charges and delays that can be added by customs; order this product directly in the EU on www.cannaliz.eu

»in case of cross-border delivery, additional delays and charges can be added by the customs

»when available in stock usually ships within 1-2 business days; if not directly available, “Out of stock” or “Available on backorder” would appear here below:Read More


Excellent Products! [Translated from French] Honestly your products are at the top. It’s been a while that was interested in CBD and tried a lot of products for the vape: CBD of Napa Valley, very expensive, good but compound effects … Read More

Scientific References

For scientifc references, it is best to refer to the following databases: In English from the USA, US National Library of Medicine (keyword “Cannabidiol”) In French, Association International pour le Cannabis Médical One of the most important piece of work … Read More

Excellent Products!

[Translated from French] I was looking forward to the release of your new range of products, the design is ultra………

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