hemp / cannabis background and related benefits

In this article, we are featuring two videos which will provide you with some background about hemp / cannabis and its related benefits. The first video “run from the cure”, is the Rick Simpson story. Rick Simpson is known for RSO (Rick Simpson Oil). The second video, written and directed by Len Richmond, gives in an depth look at the benefits of CBD and CBD-rich hemp oil. These two pioneers brought amazing contributions to making cannabis a present and future wellbeing vector.

RUN FROM THE CURE – The Rick Simpson Story[1]

Rick Simpson is a Canadian man who rediscovered cannabis as a cure for cancer and many other Diseases. Rick Simpson cured his own skin cancer “basal cell carcinoma” using 100% Natural THC containing Hemp Oil.

What Is CBD? An in depth look at the benefits of CBD and CBD-rich hemp oil[2]

What is CBD and CBD-rich hemp oil? What are the health benefits of cannabis, specifically, hemp and cbd-rich hemp oil? In this video we take a close look at how we are all born with a form of cannabis in our bodies!

CBD or cannabidiol is one of nearly 100 different cannabinoids identified in cannabis. CBD is said by the medical community to have the widest scope of health benefits and even medical applications of all the cannabinoids inside of the cannabis family.

The Cannabidiol (CBD) compound does not make the user feel high or stoned in any way like it’s “cousin” THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) but yet provides all of the actual tremendous benefits the cannabis plant has to offer.

CBD is beginning to be more and more well-known for what it can do for, not only people with illnesses, but your average healthy person, as a form of either preventative measure or maintenance. It’s pretty obvious, when you research what CBD can do for the mind and body, that anyone who wants to live a higher quality life and lifestyle would want to get CBD into their daily diet and routine.

What are the side-effects of Cannabidiol (CBD)? : There are no known negative side effects of Cannabidiol (CBD), unlike other cannabinoids inside of the cannabis family.

CBD and CBD-rich hemp oil is know as a very strong anti-inflammatory and known to have anti-convulsive properties as well. You can see further information on Cannabidiol (CBD)’s benefits by watching this video in it’s entirety. What is CBD and what are the benefits if Cannabidiol (CBD)? These questions and many more are answered in this video.

This video has just about everything you’d need to know about CBD, specifically Cannabidiol / CBD-rich hemp oil. For any further information on CBD, you can contact Austin Zulauf with the contact information above.

[1] Video and texts provided on internet by Subduality

[2] Video and texts provided on internet by Austin Zulauf

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