A CBD e-liquid against the addiction to tobacco

With the electronic cigarette, vaping is a growing phenomenon with people looking to wean off their addiction to tobacco. Today, e-liquid aromas are very diverse. You can order natural flavors such as strawberry, of fishing, orange, vanilla, to mention only these. Some manufacturers of E-liquid, including Americans, wanted to innovate by manufacturing an “energizing” E-liquid, flavored with herbal cannabis extract. French manufacturers have then created an E-liquid with a component of cannabis, cannabidiol, or CBD. Swiss manufacturers meanwhile have developed certain extraction techniques that improve the taste and texture of the product.

What is CBD?

It is a major component of the plant of cannabis called cannabidiol; Cannabidiol is a substance extracted from marijuana, a cannabinoid; This substance acts on certain receptors present in the body to relieve some kind of pain. The CBD is biologically active but isn’t psycho-active. Unlike the other component of cannabis, THC, CBD does not cause the sensation of “flying”. Indeed, the CBD is used in therapy by physicians, to treat different pathologies due to its many properties. The CBD can heal many ailments suffered by some people, including people with diabetes. It is used for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic, antipsychotic and anticonvulsant properties. According to recent studies, the CBD would even a beneficial effect on certain types of cancer.

THC substance

Another molecule present in cannabis, THC, is the active component of hemp. It is responsible for the euphoric effect that causes the consumption of cannabis. Its level is variable from one hemp plant to another plant. The more its level is high and the more the psychotropic effects are important: that is reason why the risk of addiction to cannabis is high.

E-liquid with extracts of CBD

Electronic cigarette with extract of cannabis has no psychotropic effects caused by cannabis in itself as the E-liquid with CBD extract does not contain THC. According to the manufacturers of CBD E-liquids, vaping this new electronic cigarette causes only a sensation of well-being, relaxation, and particularly during periods of stress. By producing this E-cigarette, manufacturers would like to emphasize that this approach is perfectly legal, as only CBD is used in the E-liquid. THC residues are negligible, and therefore without adverse effects. E-liquid vapotage relieve many patients with chronic diseases without side effects. There are also studies explaining that CBD extracts would be a good thing for people who have an addiction to cannabis. This new formula, vaping hemp safely, would cure such kind of addiction.

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Image from Santé Gagnante

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